A mate and I decided to take our cars for a spin. We inevitably ended up at the track. Obviously I arrived first in my Green Monster. A 1995 BMW e34 540i Individual.
He arrived a while later in his less powerful but gorgeous 525i. The Calypso Red colour really enhances the lines of this already beautiful car. The wheels are A-Line Scorpions specifically made for the BMW 5 series. Just look at that dish.

The 540i individual doesn’t need any introduction to Beemer fans but here is some info for those of you unfamiliar. Only 3203 examples were built. South Africa got 72 of those. That makes it very rare. This car doesn’t have an engine. No, it has the Hulk trapped under the bonnet. It sports a 4.0 liter V8 that wacks out 232KW @ 6900rpm, oh yes. Top Speed 240km/h. Just 10k’s off the pace of the M5. They were produced with individual exterior and interior colours which makes them very desirable.

Oh yes and my other mate followed us in his…. uh hmm… Toyota Camry.